During EL MES DE LOS AMIX, send your best friends chocolate truffles and a YOTELCO+ SIM to stay super connected. With the YOTELCO+ app, watch movies together with Watch Parties, chat in real time during live shows, check out new video games, and more.


step 1

Send your best friends this promo link


so they can order their YOTELCO+ SIM*

step 2

Tell them to download the app and order their YOTELCO+ SIM by entering their full address for delivery

step 3

Your friends will receive their YOTELCO+ SIM and  chocolates in the same package

step 4

Ready with the YOTELCO+ SIM in your phone, activate your line and port your number to get 3 months of free service**

*The "MES DE LOS AMIX" promotion is limited to 2,500 orders or from February 8 to February 28, 2021, whichever comes first.

** One (1) box of chocolates and one (1) YOTELCO SIM will be sent per physical address that is generated through the promotion.

**The 3 free months will only apply once the number portability to YOTELCO+ happens before June 30, 2021. The 3 free months consist of 3 Monthly YO Packages with a value of $185.00 pesos each. This includes 1,500 minutes and 1,000 SMS to landlines and cell phones in Mexico, the United States and Canada, social networks and navigation through the YOTELCO APP up to 20 GB in high speed and 20 GB more at reduced speed, and mobile data for free navigation up to 4,000 MB. The surpluses that the u

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